Make it 3-D

I often used to see some artist make their paintings 3D in the street, that’s really interesting. In fact, it’s not that difficult to do. You could make yours 3D, too.

All you need is pen & paper.


First, write or draw something you like on the paper with some light color. I chose light blue to write [Blue]


Than, make the paper slant, and draw the depth of the word.


Fill its depth with the darker color. Be careful with the light and shade.


Draw the shade of this word. I recommend you to use  normal pencil instead of the propelling pencil, which I didn’t, that makes the shade not that smooth.


Cut the upper part of the paper, Don’t cut the word.


Revise the thin part of it. And look, it’s 3D now!


Tips, use oily pen could achieve better result.


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