Thotsakan from Thailand

I have been in Thailand during the Easter’s Day, it’s really a cool place to be spent some time!

I bought a paper model there~

Here it is




I cut the figure out~




Fold, assemble it to the  [Thotsakan]



Here is my finished work




Here is some history about Thotsakan

Thotsakan (Ravana), the demon Kong of Longka, is a green-skinned giant with ten faces, twenty hands, and a large mouth and eyes. He is invincible and immortal because his heart has been removed and is safely kept in a casket guarded by his master hermit. Thotsakan falls in love with Sida, King Rama’s wife, unaware that she is his daughter, exiled as an infant. He kidnaps her, which leads to a long war between giants and men.


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