Plant you own plants

The spring is coming! I realize it when I stepped into a flower shop. Then I got an idea: Why not plant my own flower in the beginning of the spring?

I found an interesting  flowerpot. It is called Self-watering flowerpot. That means you don’t need to water it everyday.It’s like this. Just fill water if the water in the glass base is not enough.



It is consisted of three parts, the pot, the glass base and the absorbent belt.



First, out the absorbent belt onto the inner face of the pot.



Then, pour the soil into the pot.Cover upper part of the absorbent belt.



Put the plant seeds and bury them with thin soil. I choose the mint seeds.



Water the soil



Final sep. Fill the water into the glass base, assembly pot and the base/



We should put the flowerpot onto the sunny place that has good ventilation. Give your patience and love, the seed would sprout in a few days~


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