【A Little Trick】Everyone needs a mustache-lamp

Hello everybody, I’m back!

The past two weeks must be the most terrible weeks this year for me. I was hunted by a kind of monster called “DEADLINE”!!! ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

But finally I  survived !!! So today, I gonna share a little trick with you guys, it makes me feel better when I am working on my assignment~

Look~ A lamp with a mustache~is it cute, hue?



To make a mustache- lamp, all you need is a pair of scissors and paper~

Draw a mustache on the white paper, cut the mustache out from the black paper according to the shape.(Of course you can cut it directly from the black one.)


Stick it to your lamp~You have a mustache-lamp now !


I know it’s not that practical, but I guess everyone has a inner child. When you are tired, why not play with him/her~?


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