Paper Cone:Make Use of Small Pieces of Paper

Everyone can always find some small pieces of paper around us, some of them are good enough but too small to reuse. So…..Why not turn them into a paper cone?


1all we need is: some colorful paper, a pair of scissors and glue.

2Step 1 : Cut a circle out of a piece of paper,folded in half twice.

3Step 2: Fold the edge to the center line.

4Step 3: Repeat the action to make circle a triangle.

Step 4: Repeat step 1 to 3 to make four more triangle.5

Step 5: Stick their edges together.6

Step 6: Five triangles makes the top half the whole paper cone. Looks like a little hat O(∩_∩)O7

Step 7: Repeat the actions to make the other half of the paper cone. Stick them into one.


You can use whatever color you like and whatever the paper you like. Discarded magazines might make your paper cone a little more interesting ~



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