【Nice App】Tiny Paper Zoo+

[Tiny paper zoo+] is a very interesting app. With these App, you could have your own tiny zoo!


It provides several kinds of animal for you to choose. It includes [Seal] [Meerkat] [Penguin] [Giraffe] [Zebra] [Camel] and [Horse].

To have your own tiny zoo, we start with choosing a kind animal. I choose [Giraffe]

IMG_0076Click [Let’s go] to start.

It shows paper-models on your screen. To make a giraffe it calls for six parts.


Then you can put sheet of paper over iPad and copy with a fine pencil.

Click [Instructions] to see how to assemble them.




Follow the instructions to glue them.

It’s funny and easy to do. OK, it’s time to go and feed my animals !

Download: Apple Store search [Tiny paper zoo+]. It’s FREE!


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