Homemade Cake. Wait, it’s Fake!

Sometimes I enjoy cooking & baking at home. That makes me feel  the sense of accomplishment when I smell the aroma of my works. Today, I “baked” a cute cake without smells O(∩_∩)O

15 Very cute, Ah? with some supper clay and tools,you can make it too!

First, we need some supper, a cake mold, some royale mold,one piece of paper pallet, glue and some moulding tools:1

Step 1: Put the cake mold into the paper pallet2

3Step 2 :Mix the black,brown and red clay to get the chocolate color clay.

Step 3: Make the chocolate clay a flat patty.4

Step 4: Put the patty on the cake mold and fix it to make it smooth.5

Step 5: Use the pink clay to make a cream top for our cake, put it on the cake6

7Step 6: Make a rope with white clay, twine it around the cake.

Step 7: Make some little decorations for for it.8

Step 8: Create other decorations for the cake with the mold.



Step 9: Use the glue to get them on your cake! 11

Here it is , our lovely homemade cupcake!


Put it on desk, “Taste” it when you feel tired!




8 thoughts on “Homemade Cake. Wait, it’s Fake!

    • I bought these clay in Shenzhen…. I think purchase them online it’s also a good choice as I have no idea where I can get these materials in Hong Kong……~~~~(>_<)~~~~

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