Finger-print Bookmark:A Surprise in the Book!

Reading is a kind of enjoyment. There’s an old adage in China that you can find gold and beauties in the book. Today, I will teach you how to prepare a surprise in the book for you lovers/friends/families.

A bookmark?6 It;s not that simple! Look at it carefully, the fruit in the bookmark is consisted of fingerprints. That means this bookmark is unique in the world. It’s funny, isn’t it?

To create such a bookmark, we need a piece of paper of adequate size.

Like this 1

I wanna make the theme of this bookmark “Apple”. So I use my finger to get some red pigment, then press my finger on the paper. Use some green pigment to draw the stem. 2

Draw something in the blank place, write something for him/her. I wrote “you’re the apple of my eye”


You can draw something more if you like.4

Of course you can create more fruit  or something else. I made “Apple”, “Grape” and “Olive”:


OK, get start! Make a bookmark with you unique fingerprint, hide a surprise in the book!


6 thoughts on “Finger-print Bookmark:A Surprise in the Book!

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