Make a Vase with Eggshells

After the wonderful spring break, I’m BACK! LOL

Today I wanna share a little vase which is decorated with……..eggshells~!

Here it is, very cute,  isn’t it?


OK, let’s start.

First, what we need: Eggshells, pigment, glue and one tiny bottle(I used my “dead” cosmetic bottle ^_^)materials

Step 1: Wash up eggshells, color them with the colors you like. Put them aside till they’re dry.1

Step 2: Wash up and dry the tiny bottle.


Step 3: Color the bottle with white(or any other color you like). Wait till it is dry.


Step 4: Crushed eggshells into small pieces.


Step 5: Stick these small colorful pieces to the bottle. Finish!


You can use it as a storage box


Or it could be a vase!


That’it. Funny and easy to make. Make use the eggshells, the eggs you’ve eaten might be a little happy O(∩_∩)O


12 thoughts on “Make a Vase with Eggshells

  1. My daughters would love to do all of the things you are posting on the blog. They like arts and crafts very much. I’ll share it with them.

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