Gift Box From Coke Bottle


To the faraway eye it looks like a red apple, actually it’s gift box made of a dumped coke bottle.

What we need: coke bottle, a pair of scissors, pigment & brush, some ribbons


Step 1: Cut the bottle from the middle,  save the botton half.step1

Step 2:Cut the top half of the saved part into five parts.(Youcan ues a pen to define where to cut ). Then repair the edges of the cutted part to rounded.23

Step 3:Use your finger to press the cutte part into the center to test if the cutted parts are long enough to seal the top. Otherwise it needs more repair


Step 4: Paint the bottle with the color you like.5

Step 5:Put the litte gift inside,tie the ribons up, you can decorate it with some other little


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